Chelsea Manning: Hero! and Courageous Gender Warrior!

IMG_5638 IMG_5636…the chimes of freedom flashing
Flashing for the warriors whose strength is not to fight        Bob Dylan

Bradley Manning: Hero!

Saturday June 1, outside the gates of Ft Meade MD for the start of Manning’s court martial on Monday the 3rd.

Manning saw something, and he said something for which he is facing life imprisonment. Truly the sign of an empire in decline.

Among other things he saw evidence of American soldiers killing journalists, and shooting at children and laughing! Crime of war, crimes against humanity!

Without an informed electorate, there can be no democracy. Without transparency there can be no informed electorate. Bradley Manning performed an heroic deed and struck a blow in the service of democracy. To expose the lies and cover ups of gleeful killings of journalists and civilians and children, by U.S. soldiers,  should be honored with a medal of merit, instantly released from the brig, and given a post at a newly created Department of Peace! Indeed, he has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, for which he is more qualified than Obama.

After more than 3 years Manning’s court martial  trial will finally begin June 3.

In the meantime check out in support of many others that have found the strength not to fight in wars of empire, wars of slaughter, wars of brigandage that our silence and tax dollars continue to support.

We here in the U.S. live in a severely stunted democracy. When whistle blowers are being prosecuted under Obama, more than any other president, when he says we must look forward, not backward and refuses to prosecute Bush, Cheney et al for war crimes (because he would have to bring prosecution against himself as well!), then it’s not surprising that there would be calls for the killing of Bradley Manning.

The U.S. is listed at 21 in the ranking of modern democracies!