Collateral Damage


11 Children killed in Afghanistan from U.S. led NATO forces. No guns were found!

This is a picture of collateral damage of our “war on terrorism,” a  war that is fast becoming as discredited as the “war on drugs,” and the war against Communism to make the world safe for Capitalism Freedom!

Defenders of empire, liberals, etc say that the difference between us, and them (the Boston bombers, whoever brought down the 3 WTC towers, etc) is that we don’t target civilians. They are collateral damage.

Well, I’m sorry, but “we” DO target civilians. What was the fire bombing of Dresden all about? And the nuking of hundreds of thousands of Japanese people in Hiroshima/Nagasaki? Skip ahead to Viet Nam where it is well documented that “we” targeted non combatants of every stripe: flying over rice paddies in Huey’s, picking off whole families of farmers, destroying villages to save them! And on to the military video that Bradley Manning exposed showing “us” targeting children, journalists, medical personnel, and laughing about it!

And In the end it’s not about how we compare to other countries (which we don’t compare very well at all in many respects) its who WE are. Whether or not we can understand and decidedly and once and for all condemn the U.S. Empire for what it is: a war mongering, lying, cheating, robbing capitalist system of exploitation and capital accumulation which is its only purpose. To accumulate as much wealth as possible, for as few people as possible.