Torture in America!

action520059_150Herman Wallace and fellow prisoner Albert Woodfox were placed in isolation in 1972. Since then they have been confined to 6.5 X 9 ft cells for 23 hours a day and allowed out only to exercise alone in a small outdoor cage, to shower, or to walk along the cell unit corridor. Both men were convicted of the murder of a prison guard yet no physical evidence links them to the crime; potentially exculpatory DNA evidence has been lost, and the testimony of the main eyewitness has been discredited. These serious legal concerns compound the injustice of decades of cruel confinement.

Now 71 year old Herman Wallace is terminally ill with liver cancer.On October 1, 2013, a federal judge overturned Herman’s conviction and demanded his release — but he remains in jail.Call on Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to end the 41 year nightmare and release Herman so that his family can care for him during his last months.

Amnesty International


This man did get released, and died three days later, a free man. In between his release and death, Louisiana in its infinitely arrogant white supremacism, re-indicted him!


42 years in solitary!