Big Brother/NSA


Don’t kid  yourself that obama was any kind of reformist solution to capital accumulation by the 1% And now of course we have Trump which Obama and HC set us up for. And forget Sanders. He won’t do it for us either. What?! then? Connect the dots, figure it out. Take a chance.


And so, with Snowden’s continuing revelations concerning the depth and extent of the spying by the national security state, the  fact and presence of Big Brother, pictured above from what movie please?, is upon us. Orwell’s prescience is here now on the cusp of full blown Tea Party mass psychosis.

This face of remote untouchable gaze that looks beyond us yet into our inner being that we ourselves don’t control,  is exactly what the surveillance state wishes to project, to control the 7 billion people on this earth at the behest of the super wealthy,

Listen up NSA/.01%! We the people will win and take you down and take your money which you stole from us, and take back our representatives and govern ourselves and build a beautiful peaceful planet, as we grapple with climate change and the transition away from carbon and nuclear based energy to renewables.