Birth year
Lives in
East Village 45 years
Some Schools

The Art Students League of New York
SVA (School of Visual Arts New York)
Hunter College CUNY                       

I exhibited in some early 1980 (like January 1980) shows on the Lower East Side, the Real Estate Show, helped set up, name, curated and exhibited in the first ABC No Rio show, and the following Times Square Show. I proceeded to get politically active, with anti racism and anti imperialism as a foundation.  And turned away from Art with the Carl Andre injunction that art was baubles for the rich. While he was a seminal and successful Minimalist then shoved his significant other out a window into the air shaft and waived his right to a jury trial and the judge threw out the charges.

I did a series of bas relief portraits of revolutionaries: Malcolm and Maurice Bishop of Grenada. I also did some abstract work and made a series of wood boxes, carved and not carved over a number of years. These were made for friends mainly as wedding gifts.  Some of this work is already posted [lost most of my postings due to web site negligence.]   It is since about October 2011 that I have begun making Art, again. Abstract art that is. Much of my Art has been in appreciation of past and present Artists, those who have managed to spend most of their time, daily, in exploring their creativity. Partly as a critique of the market, and mostly as a take off point and as a meditation on others’ explorations. Some original work as well. 

December 2013    Hung a 2013 Ceres show. Sold a piece to a man that I met doing jury duty. Another to my nephew and gave another away. 

September 2015. None yet, but preparing for this December’s Ceres show. Shaved my beard. Sitting zazen 30 minutes every day. 35 year retrospective, most ambitious show, with a postcard even. * Reaching out to ABC No Rio to donate posters, with no response. Sent them a poster print of the mural I did for that inaugural show:

No response from ABC.

*Show didn’t happen as Ceres botched the dates. Sent out cards with CANCELED stamped on it. Have many still if you would like one mailed to you.

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