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Some Political Posters

All the following images are available as high quality images
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Flash art gallery piece. 2016


According to wikipedia re Madame Binh Graphic Collective

this was their work with Republic of New Afrika at the bottom.

It was posted all over Harlem. I think there was a t-shirt also.


This came out recently as an announcement for an evening in Harlem celebrating
35 years of freedom for Assata.

Socialist Artists

This was put out by AMCC, Artists Meeting For Cultural Change. July 4th Committee. Most prominent member was Minimalist Carl Andre. This is from the late 70’s. If you want all the text, RSVP.


2 sided. this one in english

2 sided. this one in english.
I hear there’s going to be a show about the Real Estate Show.



Text lower right:

“S.F. offices 1380 Howard 861-6466”


This may have been put out by the PFLP, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the communist wing of the liberation struggle, as opposed to the religious side(s). Acquired mid 80’s or so.


Back in the day(s).

Eric Drooker

Eric Drooker. East Village artist. 8.5″ x 11″. 90’s? This week’s New Yorker has a cover by Drooker 8-26-2013




Why Shredded Matter?


Shredded matter refers to one of many end times theories that relates to the expansion of the universe. That is, theories that arise out of the scientific view. This expansion, after a period of slowing down a number of billion years ago, has been accelerating. “Everything” is moving further and further away from other things, planets, galaxies etc. at a faster speed, and that eventually, if there is no check on this, every atom will end up being an infinite distance from every other atom!

End times theories are referred to as eschatology. These have been with us for millennia, and continue today. Mainly religious in the past; return of a messiah, Armageddon, etc. An Hasidim in Brooklyn expect the Rebe to rise from his grave and return! Talk about zombies! One more sign of the zaniness of religion.

Marxism has also been referred to as an eschatology theory: with the end of class conflict, history will be over! What a relief that would/will be!

Anyway, I’m more interested in the physicists view of the end of the universe, as well as the beginning, and everything in between. It’s been called Big History which the image attached purports to show: inflation (the big bang), a period of pure plasmic energy, out of anomalies in this energetic ether matter arose, then Life (matter replicating itself), then self aware life and Culture. The latter some say is composed of Memes, the only other replicator after DNA.

Also I am interested in the eschatology of empire, the end times of the U.S. empire which is clearly in decline along with what many believe is the approaching and inevitable end of capitalism as well. I did not “serve” in Vietnam, but lucked out with a lottery number that meant I would not be drafted. I believe I have suffered from PTSD nonetheless due to the realization at the time that my country wanted me to go and kill civilians, children and other non combatants, to help napalm people, defoliate indiscriminately, in short to be what today we understand as a terrorist.

Last but not least, is the end times of the benevolent climate we have been gifted with on planet earth for millennia. As I write this, Earth Day is tomorrow and there will be a rally in Tompkins Square Park to call for a ban on fracking, a ban on a large natural gas pipeline on the west side, and a call for renewable energy resources. If we listen to scientists, it’s already too late to avoid calamitous climate change.

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Big Brother/NSA


Don’t kid  yourself that obama was any kind of reformist solution to capital accumulation by the 1% And now of course we have Trump which Obama and HC set us up for. And forget Sanders. He won’t do it for us either. What?! then? Connect the dots, figure it out. Take a chance.


And so, with Snowden’s continuing revelations concerning the depth and extent of the spying by the national security state, the  fact and presence of Big Brother, pictured above from what movie please?, is upon us. Orwell’s prescience is here now on the cusp of full blown Tea Party mass psychosis.

This face of remote untouchable gaze that looks beyond us yet into our inner being that we ourselves don’t control,  is exactly what the surveillance state wishes to project, to control the 7 billion people on this earth at the behest of the super wealthy,

Listen up NSA/.01%! We the people will win and take you down and take your money which you stole from us, and take back our representatives and govern ourselves and build a beautiful peaceful planet, as we grapple with climate change and the transition away from carbon and nuclear based energy to renewables.

Torture in America!

action520059_150Herman Wallace and fellow prisoner Albert Woodfox were placed in isolation in 1972. Since then they have been confined to 6.5 X 9 ft cells for 23 hours a day and allowed out only to exercise alone in a small outdoor cage, to shower, or to walk along the cell unit corridor. Both men were convicted of the murder of a prison guard yet no physical evidence links them to the crime; potentially exculpatory DNA evidence has been lost, and the testimony of the main eyewitness has been discredited. These serious legal concerns compound the injustice of decades of cruel confinement.

Now 71 year old Herman Wallace is terminally ill with liver cancer.On October 1, 2013, a federal judge overturned Herman’s conviction and demanded his release — but he remains in jail.Call on Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to end the 41 year nightmare and release Herman so that his family can care for him during his last months.

Amnesty International


This man did get released, and died three days later, a free man. In between his release and death, Louisiana in its infinitely arrogant white supremacism, re-indicted him!


42 years in solitary!

SDS and Surrealism/Art and Politics

These images are of an SDS publication with a great article on Surrealism and Revolution. (google it for a lot of other great articles.) It is a 20th C espousal of the liberatory aspect of waging revolution, which ultimately is the goal for all Left Oppositionists. What the ferment of possibilities both in the workplace, the artists studios, and on the streets of early Soviet Consciousness was like. Emma Goldman wasn’t going to help wage revolution if there was not to be dancing. SDS Journal

Screen shot 2013-07-26 at 7.19.32 PM


Screen shot 2013-07-26 at 7.19.52 PM

Screen shot 2013-07-26 at 7.20.04 PM



Chelsea Manning: Hero! and Courageous Gender Warrior!

IMG_5638 IMG_5636…the chimes of freedom flashing
Flashing for the warriors whose strength is not to fight        Bob Dylan

Bradley Manning: Hero!

Saturday June 1, outside the gates of Ft Meade MD for the start of Manning’s court martial on Monday the 3rd.

Manning saw something, and he said something for which he is facing life imprisonment. Truly the sign of an empire in decline.

Among other things he saw evidence of American soldiers killing journalists, and shooting at children and laughing! Crime of war, crimes against humanity!

Without an informed electorate, there can be no democracy. Without transparency there can be no informed electorate. Bradley Manning performed an heroic deed and struck a blow in the service of democracy. To expose the lies and cover ups of gleeful killings of journalists and civilians and children, by U.S. soldiers,  should be honored with a medal of merit, instantly released from the brig, and given a post at a newly created Department of Peace! Indeed, he has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, for which he is more qualified than Obama.

After more than 3 years Manning’s court martial  trial will finally begin June 3.

In the meantime check out in support of many others that have found the strength not to fight in wars of empire, wars of slaughter, wars of brigandage that our silence and tax dollars continue to support.

We here in the U.S. live in a severely stunted democracy. When whistle blowers are being prosecuted under Obama, more than any other president, when he says we must look forward, not backward and refuses to prosecute Bush, Cheney et al for war crimes (because he would have to bring prosecution against himself as well!), then it’s not surprising that there would be calls for the killing of Bradley Manning.

The U.S. is listed at 21 in the ranking of modern democracies!

Assata Shakur is Welcome Here!

IMG_5481This is a poster from back in the day, a while after Assata was sprung from her illegal incarceration on trumped up charges, very like what Mumia abu Jamal was hit with. You might notice this poster was put out by the Republic of New Afrika, a black liberation group seeking 5 southern states for a black nation, in reparation for the untold trillions of wealth created by chattel slavery.

Following is a statement from:

For Immediate Release
May 3, 2013

The New York City Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG-NYC) denounces the renewed attacks on Assata Shakur (s/n Joanne Chesimard) by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and law enforcement authorities in the State of New Jersey. The FBI has designated the 65-year old former Black Panther Party member a “terrorist” and increased the bounty for her capture to $2 million.
Assata Shakur is a former member of the Black Panther Party in New York City. That organization, which advocated community control and self-determination in the Black community, was the chief target of the FBI’s infamous counterintelligence program known as “COINTELPRO”. According to documents released in the 1970’s, COINTELPRO’s stated goal was to “expose, misdirect, destroy and neutralize” Black political organizations and their leadership. The illegal and unconstitutional program resulted in the police murder of scores of BPP members, including Fred Hampton and Mark Clark in Chicago, and the frame-ups and wrongful convictions of many others, such as Geronimo Pratt and Dhoruba Bin Wahad, both of whom spent two decades in prison before their frame-ups were exposed. Many former Panthers remain in prison today.

Labelled by law enforcement as a leader of the Black Liberation Army (BLA), by 1973 Assata was listed as a suspect in virtually dozens of acts where a Black woman was thought to have been involved. After her May 2, 1973 arrest, she was tried repeatedly for armed robberies and assaults, and each time was either acquitted or the charges were dismissed.

Her May 2, 1973 arrest and conviction were the product of a New Jersey State Police “stop” for an alleged traffic infraction. Police opened fire, killing Panther leader Zayd Malik Shakur. As trial evidence showed, Assata raised her hands but was shot once in the front and again in the back. She was left to die on the road. Another Panther in the car, Sundiata Acoli, was wounded, was able to escape, but was captured a few days later. Assata was charged with felony murder on Trooper Forrester, who also died in the shootout. She was convicted by an all-white jury and sentenced to life. She escaped custody in 1979 and thereafter went to Cuba. In the 1980’s that government, after concluding that Assata faced political persecution in the United States, granted her full asylum in accordance with international law.

The determining factor in labeling Assata Shakur a “terrorist” was the FBI’s assertion that she continues to espouse radical, revolutionary and “anti-U.S.” ideology. This candid observation by the FBI is in accordance with its continuing COINTELPRO operation. According to a 1969 FBI document, one of COINTELPRO’s goals was to insure that “the Negro youth and moderate must be made to understand that if they succumb to revolutionary teaching, they will be dead revolutionaries.” The FBI’s action is an attack on Assata Shakur. But it is also an attack on all those who believe in and advocate for fundamental change in the social order in the United States. Advocating for freedom, human rights and self-determination and against racist police attacks is not terrorism. It is a fundamental right guaranteed by the First Amendment and international law.

We call on the U.S. government and State of New Jersey to rescind its bounty on Assata Shakur. We further demand that all efforts to secure her extradition cease and that her political asylum be respected. We further urge that Sundiata Acoli (s/n Clark Squire), who is over 70 years old and who has been incarcerated for over 40 years, be released to parole supervision.

The National Lawyers Guild is the oldest and largest public interest/human rights bar organization in the United States. Its headquarters are in New York and it has members in every state.
# # #
Best regards,

Susan Howard
Chapter Coordinator
New York City Chapter
National Lawyers Guild
113 University Place, 8th fl.
New York, NY 10003
(212) 679-6018

Left Opposition


Adolph Abramovich Joffe
October 10, 1883 – November 16, 1927

“The Soviet Thermidor occurred 10 years to the month after the seizure of power by the first workers state, November 1927. Lenin and Trotsky were the two most instrumental actors in this one of the most momentous times of human history. Lenin died 1/24, and Trotsky was one of the leaders of the Left Opposition that was removed from the Central Committee along with others, including Adolf Abromovich Yoffe, pictured here.

The Left Opposition was committed to resisting the rightward march of Stalin and others, away from the genuine progressive ferment that characterized much of the new Soviet society in the early years despite the heroic efforts needed to resist the invading armies of 22 nations, including the U.S., intent on crushing the establishment of a workers state.

Joffe was a close colleague of Trotsky, and part of the Left Opposition that was expelled from the Party along with Trotsky and others. He committed suicide leaving a note to Trotsky, seized by the Cheka but later released saying in part: “…Thirty years ago, I adopted the philosophy that human life has no meaning except insofar as it exists in the service of something infinite – which for us is humanity. Since anything else is limited, to work for the sake of anything else is devoid of meaning….” [from Memoirs of a Revolutionary by Victor Serge, an eloquent and active player of the Left Opposition. Wrote many books including the novel, The Case of Comrade Tulayev.]



Collateral Damage


11 Children killed in Afghanistan from U.S. led NATO forces. No guns were found!

This is a picture of collateral damage of our “war on terrorism,” a  war that is fast becoming as discredited as the “war on drugs,” and the war against Communism to make the world safe for Capitalism Freedom!

Defenders of empire, liberals, etc say that the difference between us, and them (the Boston bombers, whoever brought down the 3 WTC towers, etc) is that we don’t target civilians. They are collateral damage.

Well, I’m sorry, but “we” DO target civilians. What was the fire bombing of Dresden all about? And the nuking of hundreds of thousands of Japanese people in Hiroshima/Nagasaki? Skip ahead to Viet Nam where it is well documented that “we” targeted non combatants of every stripe: flying over rice paddies in Huey’s, picking off whole families of farmers, destroying villages to save them! And on to the military video that Bradley Manning exposed showing “us” targeting children, journalists, medical personnel, and laughing about it!

And In the end it’s not about how we compare to other countries (which we don’t compare very well at all in many respects) its who WE are. Whether or not we can understand and decidedly and once and for all condemn the U.S. Empire for what it is: a war mongering, lying, cheating, robbing capitalist system of exploitation and capital accumulation which is its only purpose. To accumulate as much wealth as possible, for as few people as possible.